The Concrete Flooring Characteristics That Are Most Positive


When it comes to being resilient and tough, concrete can withstand a great deal of pressure from stacked crates, forklifts, trucks, cars, and other heavy equipment. Warehouses and garages use this material in commercial areas because they can stand up to hard working conditions.

This material quality means that it is hard to damage.

The surface won’t get scratched by pet claws, furniture legs, or high heels. In addition, if you drop something, there are no worries that you will damage the floor. In general, if you would actually want to damage the surface of the concrete floor, you would have to work very hard at it.

Maintenance Is Easy:

Only a minor amount of maintenance is required in order to keep the concrete floor looking tip-top. In order to maintain surface layer of protection, it should be sealed or waxed a few times a year, depending upon how much traffic it get on a regular basis. Periodically, the floor can be mopped clean with a neutral cleaning agent. In particular, for stains that are stubborn, a blue utility pad works well.

Friendly To The Environment:

In both locations with below grade or at the same grade flooring material, subfloors made from concrete already exist. The good news according to Concrete Craft, is that prior to installing the concrete floor, there is absolutely nothing that has to be uninstalled. Because there is no need to purchase new materials for the floor, resources are not depleted and there is no carbon footprint.

Versatile: At a later date, you can cover the concrete floor with any other type of flooring that you wish as long as the original concrete has been poured to be free of defects, bumps, and holes. Going forward, you have plenty of freedom to make design decisions. Make note of the fact that an underlayment between the new flooring material and the existing concrete floor may be required.

Lasts A Long Time:

Your concrete floor will last for an indefinite period of time when it is properly maintained and sealed. For many years into the future, these floors hold up well under commercial conditions with high traffic levels. This long-lasting nature of the floors saves money plus time, since you won’t have to replace the floor any time soon.

In addition, when using this versatile material, it can be mixed in an endless variety of textures and color due to modern advances in both setting the material and mixing it.

Prior to placing the slab, the concrete can have the color placed directly into it. The surface of existing concrete floors can be acid stained, painted over with a latex paint that is water proofed, or colored using a staining agent or an appropriate dye.

During the installation process, the texture of the concrete can be decided upon. On the other hand, the surface can be carved with decorative textural patterns while it is setting. In order to create a faux tile effect, it can be etched. However, if you prefer a smooth sheet, the option of polishing the material is there.