Best real estate tips

Real Estate TipsReal estate is booming in the year 2014, as the demand is matching the supply. The real estate market is on the boom.

Here are this year’s best real estate tips.

1. Get into action

 The interest rates and home prices are low, so if you are a seller who has been waiting since a long time for market improvement then the time has come. So if your budget supports you, shed your inhibition period and jump into the game again. You have to expect to higher down payments than in the yesteryears.

2. Screen test your buyers

 Save your precious time by scanning out the buyers who are not interested. You have to check for the buyers who are preapproved. They have to have all the necessary credit and employment. Call your buyers loan officers and check how much they are borrowing.

3. You need to form a good impression

It is the age of internet, most of the people are searching for homes on the internet. So you need to post a good photos of the property that appeals to the eyes of the buyers. For this hire a professional photographer who clicks good photos of your property and also videos of the interiors of the house. This will create a good presentation and will fetch you high amount of dollars. the interiors should be bright and highlight the good aspects of the house. The exteriors should spotlight the pool, lawn, backyard etc.

4. Renovate well

Remodeling the property will help you get a good deal, but sometimes you might not get the value of money you have invested back. Remodeling doors, replacing generators, garage doors etc are a costly affair. So, unless the property is a complete mess, it is better you go with small stuff. Simple home improvements like painting, small fix-ups have a great affect on the home and will attract the property buyers.

5. Assemble the right team

 A single man army will not do the job. Get help from good agents, attorney, surveyor, auditor etc. you need the help of all these people to sell your property.

6. Never let the heart win over the head

 Do not linger with false hopes. Price your home appropriately. The price you set for your house should be based on market trends, the locality, your home’s pro’s and con’s etc. do not put up an over price tag, if you do so people will not be interested in buying it at the same time do not sell it for less too as you will lose from it.

7. Marketing

Show some creativity in marketing your home, only then will the buyers be interested in your property. Use social media like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc to boost your sales. If you own a blog then make use of it too, to promote your property. Use newspaper or magazine adds too.

8. Count your numbers

Are you really determined to buy? The house market is improving but it does not imply that you can write a full amount check and empty all your savings. Plan appropriately, check your credit report, avoid high mortgage interest rates, save up on monthly bills. Once you save at least a decent amount calculate other factors and then choose to buy.

9. Run a background check

you are buying a property not just any small thing. So before you do so, you have to check many things like the neighborhood, distance of schools and office from the home etc.

10. Check everything

 it is essential you check everything before you buy the home, from plumbing to electricity to maintenance. Everything needs to be working well.