3 Reasons To Consider Roller Shades For Your Business

Whether you are searching for a solution to the persistent sun glare in your business or hope to incorporate a more modern aesthetic, there is an easy and long-lasting solution. Here are three reasons why you should consider solar roller shades New York for your office or work space.

Sun Protection

If your business has big, beautiful windows that let in a lot of light, traditional fabric shades may not be enough to keep the room cool and comfortable. As the name implies, roller shades can easily be rolled up or down depending on the weather. Solar shades are often sheer, allowing you to still enjoy the views from your windows without suffering the blazing heat. Blackout shades are also an option if you prefer a darker look or if the glare of the sun is too distracting.

Sleek Look

Fabric curtains are cumbersome and dusty. Roller shades come in different colors, offer a sleek, modern look and pair nicely with a minimalist office decor. While fabric shades appear awkward and outdated when tied back, roller ones maintain elegant lines no matter what the position and can give your space a fresh look.

Easy To Clean

As roller shades lie flat, cleaning is quick and easy. An extendable feather duster, damp cloth or vacuum brush attachment is all you need to maintain these shades. Making this switch can also help to reduce allergens and lead to a more comfortable work environment for employees. On the other hand, fabric curtains are perfect for trapping dirt and need to be taken down and washed periodically to prevent dust and mildew.

Making this one change to your office space can make it more comfortable and attractive. With these shades, you can enjoy gorgeous views and a cool room without sacrificing one for the other.