3 Important Tasks To Complete After Buying a New Home

You’ve just moved into your new home. Congratulations! You probably have a long list of items to tackle. To protect yourself, your family and your new house, make sure these three items are on that list.

1. Rekey All the Doors

Once the paperwork is signed and that house is yours, it’s time to rekey your doors. Even if your home is a new build, there have been a lot of people in and out of your house, quite a few of whom probably had keys. If you are not the first owner, there is probably an even longer list of people who have once had keys. The only way to be sure that you are the only one now with access through your doors is to have your locks changed by a lock rekeying service Orlando.

2. Update Your Insurance

A house is a major purchase, and protecting it is a huge priority. Whether you are a first-time homeowner or not, you will need a new policy to protect your new property. In addition, be sure to modify your other existing insurance policies to reflect your change of address. Your car insurance policy premiums and other insurance coverage may be affected by your change in location.

3. Create, or Update, Your End-of-Life Legal Documents

Updates also need to be made to your will or trust. If you have never owned enough to bother having either of those things, now you do. A properly written will or trust allows your home and other possessions to pass with less hassle to your heirs. If you have a spouse and/or children, this step is especially important.

A new home is a wonderful and potentially stressful purchase. Be sure you have it properly protected by taking some time now to accomplish these three important tasks.