3 Common Types of Pumps

A pump is a tool with many diverse applications. Pumps are used in all kinds of industries and are often part of the machinery running many home appliances. Three common types of pumps perform a number of important functions.

1. Infusion pumps

Although many pumps are found in industrial settings, home appliance applications and medical uses also require these necessary devices. For example, an infusion pump is a medical apparatus meant to deliver fluids into someone’s body. These fluids can be saline, liquid nutrients or medicines. Some infusion pumps are ambulatory, meaning they’re portable. An example is an insulin pump. Other infusion pumps are stationary, such as a peristaltic pump. Arrow pump products encompass an assortment of various pumps and may include the type you need.

2. Piston Pumps

A type of positive-displacement pump, a piston pump is most often used when someone needs to move gas or liquid through a machine. They’re useful in industrial settings because they can help transport fluids that contain solid matter or particularly viscous fluids without much impact on pressure. Typically, a piston pump is used for fluid delivery operations, such as irrigation or cooling systems, because of its consistent pressurization capabilities.

3. Roots-type Pumps

Roots-type pumps, also called superchargers or blowers, are a simple type of pump most often found in automobiles. They’re useful in engines for carrying fluid from intake to exhaust. This type of pump is particularly good at keeping the intake pressure positive even when the engine is running at low speeds. It may also power certain types of emergency sirens known as supercharger sirens. These kinds of pumps can be reversed in devices such as gas and liquid meters in order to measure the flow of the materials through a machine.

Pumps are useful tools across a variety of settings and industries. There are as many different types of pumps as there are types of machines and other tools.